Indonesian Domainer Forum

well done…finally after several years this blog is my only place to talk domain in indonesian language, right now i found a new place to talk and share information about domain with my fellow domainer from indonesia.  Actually there were plenty domainer from indonesia out there, but since don`t know each other so this several years we all never discuss about domain “seriously”. Starting from kaskus, where we discuss in room 13 (WWW subforum) about domain some of us had an idea to open new place that specific discuss about domain and other info that related with the domain issue.  so if you need info about domain name beside reading this un-manage blog you can just join with us at


4 pemikiran pada “ Indonesian Domainer Forum

  1. Temen saya dari Eropa sedang cari Domain Indonesia yang mau dijual khususnya domain yang untuk download software. Tolong di infokan ya…..

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